Abercrombie Kiddys

Abercrombie Kiddys


Summer Fashion 2013

Hey Gals!
Summer is here! Summer fashion is so fun and exciting. There are lots of bright colours. So we thought that we would show you some some clothes for summer 2013. Hope you enjoy! (click on the links below to see the clothes)

Kids Clothes

1. From Zara

This top is lovely and has lots of colours on it which is perfect for the summer!


2. Still from Zara

I love this tee because it looks really nice and I think the palm trees give it a lovely warm, summery feel.


3. River Island

I like this dress because I love leopard print and it is very colourful!


4. River Island (again!)

I love these shorts because there is quite a lot going on and they are very noticeable.


5. Hollister

These jeggings are a lovely bright shade of blue and they look lovely and smooth when you put them on.


6. A&F Kids

These shorts are really bright and I personally love sporty, surfy kind of shorts!


For Adults

1. H&M

This jacket is really cool and works well with a pair of denim shorts.


2. H&M

I like these shorts because they are made from a sweatshirt material which would make them really soft and comfy, I also loike them because I like that grey colour. I don’t know, I just like it.


3.  I love the red on these shorts and the birds make a good decoration.


4. River Island

I love the frayed hem on these and the dabs of dark blue. Very summery!


5. A&F

I love the way this top goes from light to dark. It’s so cool!


6. A&F

I love how the end is elasticated. It makes it much comfier!


That is our summer fashion 2013. We hope you enjoyed it and liked the clothes we chose!


The Girls


Thanks for all your lovely comments

Hi Gals,

Thanks for all your lovely comments we really appreciate it. Sorry if we haven’t been getting back to some of you guys out there. We didn’t think we would be having this many people visiting our blog. Remember any special requests just ask and we will try and get it done as fast as fast as we can. If you don’t think we have checked your request just ask we wont mind asking again.

Thanks again,

The Girls…………………………………………………Talk to u soon.


Hey Gals,

Here is some information about fashion history. Hope you enjoy.

The French industry generates billion dollars every year. However, some fashion houses reign supreme as leaders in high end apparel. Fashion is and will always be an integral part of our lives. Since the time Cleopatra used to have her slaves make her wardrobe fashion is an important part of history too.

There are a number of French brands. LUXURY GOODS are products and services that are not considered essential and are associated with being wealthy. French fashion houses have continued to make profits despite there being a world wide recession.


This French fashion house was founded by Coco Chanel in 1925 and has been the epitome of haute couture and luxury brands ever since. Coco changed women’s clothing (especially suits) and fragrance forever. The current lead designer of the house of Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel’s current product lines include men’s clothing, women’s clothing, fragrance (Chanel NO. 5, Coco) shoes, belts, hats, handbags, jewelry, eye wear, and watches.

Some of Coco Chanel’s famous saying are:

“Fashion changes but style endures”.

“A girl should be 2 things : classy and fabulous”.

“A women can be over dressed but never over elegant”.

Comment down below what you know about fashion.


The Girls.

Please tell people about our website and get it more popular! :D Thanks!

Hey Gals,

We would love you to tell your friends about this website. We would really love if you guys did that for us.

Thanks again

The Girls……………………………………………………talk to you soon keep checking our blog.

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Brown Sugar Meringues

Hey Gals!
Here is the recipe to some delicious brown sugar meringues! Hope you like them!

2oog of light brown sugar
4 eggs
A pinch of salt

Hope you liked them
Comment down below any good recipes or if you made them comment how they tasted!

The Girls

Cool games to play on the computer

Hey Gals,

Here are a few games to play when your  on the computer:

(a) Girls go games. Most girly girls will like it but not all of them. You don’t have to be a girly girl though you can be a tomboy as well because some of them are quite fun like the adventure games.

(b) Silver games. is addicting. We personally love bubble shooter, smarty bubbles, bricks breaking and bouncing balls. We give them all 9 out of 10.

(c) Stardoll. In stardoll some people can be superstars and it isn’t very fun otherwise, but if you beg your parents you could be a superstar.

(d) Topmodel is fun because people are equal because there are no members. On topmodel you can message people, make friends, design your own outfit, and you can even design your own clothes and then sell them in the user shop. You can design your own model and win a prizes in competitions.

(e) If you are into pool type in 8 ball pool it is free. You play against really people in the world. You can also get it on your phone, ipad and ipod touch but the only problem is that it is 89 cent.

Hope u enjoyed this and like these games as much as we do


the girls